Friday, June 9, 2017


Hello guys
I decided to challenge myself on creating a new wardrobe for myself.I tthought of that mainly because i have a lot of fabrics ( a fabric collection) which i keep stacking up....i can say i have more than 50 unused fabrics. so i have to use them. And also this challenge will help me cut down on spending money on clothes, making my own style of clothes will be good, and also something different for myself. when i go shopping the only things ill like to buy are shoes and bags and jeans. But for the rest, i have to make them on my own.

I will be making one piece of clothing or two within a week
i will be filming the whole thing to post on youtube and i will also post the outcomes on here

For this week, i made an off shoulder collared bishop sleeve shirt and a leather corset.
Both pieces can be worn separately
check out the making video HERE.

For those of you who can sew ....i think you should join the challenge, when you do let me know!!


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