Monday, January 18, 2016

How to :stir fry veggies

hello guys
its been a while..ill be adding a new section on the blog about food. i mean..who dosnt like
Anyways this recipe is a very easy one. and a fast one too....stir fried veggies with can choose to eat it on its own...or with rice... 

You'll need :
1. onions
2. green beans
3. carrots peeper
5. curry
6. black papper
7. bouillon cube
8. tomatoe paste

you can use more vegetables of your choice

1. In a pan of oil, fry some onions

2. Add the chicken

3. Add the green pepper first as it takes longer to get cooked.let it cook for a few minutes

4. Add carrots

5. Then the tomatoe paste

6. pepper

7. Add the spices.. and leave to cook well for some minutes.


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  1. I'm hungry now! This looks so delicious and so moist. I will try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.


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