Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Overly distressed jeans DIY

Hey lovelies........I just wanted to post this DIY as I said I will.....on my last not really in a good mood today, so I'll just go straight to the steps......

Ive been seeing all this overly destroyed jeans around and I kinda like it....and just thought I should make one for myself with an old jean and share the tutorial..........

its easy as A...B..C.....

all you have to is ......
---draw on the pants like... sort of a guideline on how you would want to cut it

---and then cut it with a scissors........

----after cutting..... rip the edges or roughen the edges it would look more like ripped pants....

and that's it...



  1. Woow, very easy and looks gud, i will try it out

  2. That looks great. In the last weeks I was also thinkin of pimpim some jeans of mine that i'm not wearing anymore.
    I think i make use of it soon.

    xx Lori

  3. Oh wow these are amazing! I did my own but was only brave enough to put two slits in the knees x

  4. I also have been seeing these style pants all over the place as well. I'm way too chicken to try to rock them. Would love to see how you style them!! P.S thanks for stopping by the blog, and leaving some love. Would love to show my support, following you now on GFC, would love it if you show the love back!!

  5. Well really nice. Totally will try this


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