Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hey guys,.. this is a totally a new thing i thought i should try , i mean is better than no posts at all..........I've probably mentioned this on my last post....which is : ... whenever i do a DIY...take a photo on both my phone and camera( they are so clear on there) ..but then whenever i upload them on here to post they just go bad and unclear and so not pleasant to look at at all!!! amd that is something i cannot post .....
I have done lots of DIY's and lots of posts waiting to be posted.....anyhows still thinking of how to solve that problem cos its so slowing me down and yep i really need a canon to take very clear pictures ( working on that too)....For the main time ,let me share and post some other things... :)

So .....: MIROSLAVA DUMA  aka MIRA under the style microscope today
Shes russian....former editor of Harpers bazaar russia , a mother of a three and half year old boy and co founder of Buro 24/7   ( )
This woman is my style crush and woman crush!!!! her sense of style is just mind blowing to me....shes pettite in size and it amazes me how... anything she wears looks perfect on her, whether its an oversized coat ....mens suit....sweatpants and all....... she just knows how to pull off guys might have sometime came accross her pictures on the internet ( for you who are obssesed with streetstyle fashion) ...she's the queen of street style in every fashion week it new york fashion week fashion week or paris fashion week...I kinda see her as the young Anna Wintour :)

i cant imagine what her wardrobe looks like!

anyways u guys like her style????




  1. this post is very inspiring.. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Her style is DEFINITELY on point...and she looks like a little girl! Haha
    Great choice to feature.
    I'm your newest follower on GFC hun, would really appreciate it if you checked mine out and followed perhaps?


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