Friday, November 22, 2013

Leather purse DIY

So I've been thinking of doing this DIY ....but i had no leather that's why ....and studs too
   And then I found these old Zara boots that I've had for a long time and I cut it .... and that's where I got the leather from ...
  For the beads .... that was from a necklace which couldn't be fixed .... so I decided to put them to use ...than throw them
I admit ! ....sewing leather by hand ain't an easy thing to do .....
   I hand sewed this purse and ended up with a red thumb and an index finder that hurt .....
Cos one has to sweat trying ,before the needle actually gets through would have been much more easier with a sewing machine but I do not have one ....
  Things I used...
* leather
*needle & thread
* zipper
* beads ( cos I didn't have studs)
1- with the leather cut to the shape nd size I wanted..... I glued on a fabric on the inside that the inside part of the purse will look pleasing to the eye
2.  turned it over and sewed on the beads on the frontal part of the purse ...
3 ..then turned it inside out and sewed the edges ....
4 ..turned it back to the right side and added the zipper .....
   And that's it ...! :)
Even with swollen or red thumb and index finger ....I am still happy .... ! Cos I've added one bag to my collection and I don't care about the wounds anymore :) long as I have my purse done .....



  1. very lovely post.
    you made it look so easy.
    nice blog

  2. very creative.. <3 In any case, I am inviting you to visit my blog and if ever you like your stay there like I do here, we can follow and support each other. <3


  3. love it, you are very creative and talented.


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