Saturday, September 28, 2013

Natural hair ---- going natural

Let's talk hair ...what I don't usually do .....
So anyone else ever has that bad hair period??
    Well I'm sort of in this state ....its my worst hair era since I was born ...... my hair is extremely damaged...and cuts like hell! ....and I'm tired of seeing it like that ...apparently heat ( hair straightners..blow dryers etc) and chemicals ( relaxers and stuff) are the cause ........I wanna go back to the old days were I had good,long and strong hair before I ever met relaxers ... 
    So I'm going natural ain't easy but I think its better I currently have this obbsession for natural hair which i just developed recently .......
     To do this...i'd have to get rid of the relaxed hair.....cut it ......cut my hair :(
But nope I don't have the nerves i'd just transition (growing my natural hair for a period of time and then later on choping off relaxed ends...and being fully natural) preventing relaxers and other stuff I should do ........maybe a year or months ...and then I do the big chop .... :)



  1. Go for it!natural hair rocks!
    I've been natural a year now!
    I'm hoping to do the big chop soon :)
    I'd love to know how yours goes,keep me updated plz :)

    Bea x

  2. Go for. i was in the same shoes as you earlier this year. I realised how much damaged II've done to it so wen for the chop and haven't looked back. I'm just letting it grow how its supposed to be and its soo much easier to care for.


  3. I've been natural for years and I have to tell you. Don't have any expectations. Just aim for healthy hair and scalp :)

    Maggie A


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