Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my bow DIY

firstly: I had to cut out this fabric.......square shaped
secondly: Folded the clothe into two but this time from the wrong side of it
thirdly: I started sewing from the edge
continued sewing all the way.....and then stopped (left some space)so that i could
be able to turn it back to the right side......

Ok here.........i turned it...its now back on the right side
i then used something to tie it together...from the middle..used a thread.
tie it considering  how the bow shape will be...

After tieing it with thread......i used a piece of same fabric to sew it
round the thread.......and to make it look more like a bow :)
  This is what i did wasn't up to 30 minutes,except for the sewing which can be slow..thought it was gonna be hard but it was so easy.
         gonna make more bows so i could use them as hair accesories, them on to some of my clothes,or even use as a bow tie....


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